Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Waktu ini

It is now lunch break. I have thought of attending this talk on 'tanda-tanda Qiamat', only to find out that it is going to be held tomorrow, not today..hih..terlebih semangak lo pulok

Hmm..today is quite day. I have spent the whole morning amending my report. Not that it's that many, but i just could not find the suitable sentence..only one sentence...the whole morning?...not productive at all.

Hmm, I don't know when, but apparently my officers managed to sneak into my room and placed their report quitely on my table without having to say hi, that shows how much I was into the 'simple' report then.

Oh, yesterday I have chaired a meeting with this one Association. Actually, I have been thinking about this meeting since last Friday...why?? hik..the President is coming, along with the VP, Secretary, and a few other important members and are they sure they want to see me? The inexperienced DD?

Huh, since I did not want to spoil my precious weekend, I leave it to God, I just pray that I would be given the right thing to say at the right time, just that this time there's a little confidence in me since I do have some knowledge on the subject matter.

My experiences with other iron and steel organisations were really scary actually. These group people are really those ...I better watch my mouth...in other words, they are not easy to handle...ha ha, but alhamdulillah, the group which came yesterday was much nicer and I think I did okay, if not excellence.

Actually I have started to chair meetings during my days in Corporate Division. I remember the first time when I need to chair a meeting, I called hubby for some advice. I remember he asked me to have information/statistics on hand and to start of the meeting with that. It worked! I also did some research via internet on dos and don't of a chairperson..he he.

But I think the most important think is knowledge on the subject matter and also the ability to speak/put forward your ideas and in MIDA most of the meetings are held in English. huh..which I am now very much lacking.

Anyway, at this moment, I welcome the experience...yeah, I can handle the small ones..just get ready for the big ones..haaaa...tu baru la kena tulis blog yang lain dengan tajuk, Gue Stress, kena Chair Meeting With one MNC...nauzubillah.

Okaylah, I want to try and catch some sleep..see you on the next post..(but again, ada tak orang yang baca blog ni ye? I wonder?)


  1. ada.ada..saya baca.. :-) Keep posting cik bib..coz i love to read yr mumblings! hehehe

  2. ha ha ha...yeah, mumblings! thank you for reading Ana

  3. hahaha..tengok tu cikbib!!ngeh ngeh

  4. uhhh...kalu ramai camni, boleh register dengan nuffnang nih...ha ha ha