Monday, January 25, 2010

Malena & TBH

I think this week is going to be among the most memorable one for Malena. She watched his TBH performed live last week..hmmm

I remember kakak, when you were smaller, your mum was also the person who cut your hair. Since you were already in school at that time, one of your friend (your best friend I believe) has shared her experience having her hair cut at a salon and it just got you excited...maybe as excited as watching TBH live?...I don't know

No doubt it wasn't me who brought you to the salon (which was located at PKNS complex), it was your mother. But then, being sisters, your mother has told me how happy you were and you were smiling from ear to ear when the lady started to cut your hair.

When you were saying that you are so happy and will be smiling through out the week, I just cannot put off the image of you, a little girl sitting on the chair, smiling widely waiting for your know what, that image really make me feel like smiling the whole week myself.


  1. hmm...bukan potong rambut je, siap shampoo sekali....

  2. hahhaaa, terharunyaa,

    and yes, i am madly in love with tbh and addicted to badminton. :D