Sunday, January 3, 2010

Let's Hang It Babe

It has been four months since we moved to our new house, and we have just completed hanging what is supposed to be hanged today...whooshhh, what a relieved.

I have been waiting for these 3 days break since last Tuesday. In fact, I must confessed that I could not concentrate doing any of the given tasks last week. When it was finally 5.30 p.m. last Friday, I could not wait to go home and enjoy the break.

I did go to I-City, Section 7 Shah Alam to celebrate new year. We only went out of the house at around 11.15 p.m. and when we arrived, entrance to I-City was already blocked/closed. We have anticipated such situation but prayed hard that there would be a parking place nearby. Alhamdulillah, we did find one but the location was almost 20 minutes walk from the celebration area. We consider the walk as part of our exercise routine which means that we could skip our morning walk the next day and started the day a bit late (tdo balik la lepas subuh).

The reason we went to I-City was to watch fireworks. When we arrived, MB was giving his speech and the show started on 12.00 midnight. How did I feel?...I must say it was a different feeling. I have seen a better fireworks show before (almost 30 minutes non stop and cost RM500 K), but being in the middle of people celebrating new year is kind of interesting..(since I have never celebrated one before). We enjoyed the show and purposely took a longer route to our car after that, just to enjoy the night.

Opps, actually this post is about Shuk and I finally took the initiative to complete decorating our house. We only did it after more that four months, he he, orang pemalas memang begitu.

Actually the house was 90 percent ready except for the pictures/mirrors/clocks which were kept and not hanged. During these 3 days, we hanged everything that need to be hanged.

We are very excited about the mirror which we bought on Saturday. It really changed the house. Suddenly I think I need another bouquet of flower, the two which were given by Kakak are not enough.
We wanted to buy this type of mirror since we were living in Baiduri but our financial situation did not allow us to do so at that time. We did visit a few shops before we decided on this one, he he, we bought it from Naza Perabot je. It cost slightly cheaper than the one in Mutiara Jati Shop, but we have to hang it ourselves which was quite a challenge because the mirror is heavy. But then I must say that we are very happy with the result, Alhamdulillah.

The same mirror from a different angle. We have also hanged the clocked which was bought last Ramadhan at KK shop, SACC Mall Shah Alam. Punye la lama, baru nak gantung. You can see my image reflected in the mirror. I think the mirror is good in giving message like " you better loose some weight cikbib, NOW!!!"

The mirror again, from a different angle
The Khats, given as a wedding presents by Ida. Shuk and I had our usual small arguments while hanging these. I want it to be hanged 5 ft from the floor (ikut cakap Eric), whereas Shuk thinks it should be a little bit higher...(biasalah, orang Melayu kan), what you can see is the result of our argument lah! ok la jugak..

And, last but not least, an oil painting. We did visit quite a number of shops before we decided with this one. Most of the painting I like cost thousands..he he, baik beli LCD tv kan. Shuk and I are happy with this one since it brightens the room with it's cheerful colours.

A lot of things changed in 2009. I moved to a new house, new division, bought a new car...but my weight remained, increased in fact. Moving house really cost a lot of money where I must confessed that ever since, I have not got a chance to really save . I hope I could start again in 2010.

Insya allah I will try to become a more disciplined person. I pray that I could have a balanced life, to work smart, to work hard, to have time to exercise, to allocate time to beribadah and start attending all those ceramah held in MIDA (insya allah). I pray that god will assist me in whatever I do, whatever decision I have to make. I pray that I could control my food intake..tolong...I pray that Allah will grant Shuk and I zuriat yang baik. Above all, in whatever situation, I pray that I'll be a thankful person and happy..

Have a happy new year everyone!


  1. hang it lagi satu bila lak....37 or 42...kih3

  2. buat masa ni, ada 21 atas meja je pun dah cukup. Kalu nak gantung, 50 baru cun...he he, kena panggil orang tolong gantungkan, buat dua orang mesti tak larat

  3. Cik Bib..nice deco. :-)
    Well done kak.. hehehe

  4. ana, thank you. Sebenarnya rumah ni kemas waktu tangkap gambar aja. Waktu lain, boleh tahan gak berterabur tudung sana sini...

  5. waaa... cantiknye umah!!.. pasni blh masuk majalah impiana la k.bib..

  6. ait, tak perasan ada comment baru dari iza..anyway, tq Iza..masuk impiana? he he, belum sampai ke situ kut. Anyway, kemas rumah memang cara yang baik untuk de-stress...