Sunday, January 31, 2010


There's so many stories to tell actually, but within limited time and this 'stressful' mind, I have to really select the issues and be able to put it into writing, which is not easy.

Office life is a little stressful nowadays, but I don't think it is something that I would like to share with everyone. I hope I would adapt to the work nature fast. I don't mind having many things to do, but having to 'mengadap' the top people really make my blood go 'upstairs'. Being evaluated every time you see them is worse.... I just dislike it. But I guess it is best for me to just except it and learn to adapt. Above all, pray for Allah assistance always...I do talk to Allah nowadays, during my journey to office every morning. I can feel some of the 'weight' being lifted from my head, really, it works.

Stressful time is also time for you to know who your true friends are. Of course I must thank my husband, my good old friends...min, atim, zai, shahril (who never fail to visit if I happen to be in my room, which rarely happens nowadays), zakiah, kak mek (doa untuk saya selalu ye kak mek)...Zul, kak nursiah..all those who reads this post :))), you know who you are...

And you know what, it is also the time when you suddenly realise that you just could not be friends with these few people anymore, and it's funny. I did try actually and no doubt, I did find it hard, I found it difficult to fit in more than once, but I just kept going thinking that you can be friends with everybody...but I finally has made up my mind recently...stop!..yup, I will not yell, I will not say bad things, but I will just stop caring, stop trying...which I know will not effect these persons at all, I just throw away my passion of staying as good friends with them, sayonara..

okay, I guess I have enough on that, let's continue



Dua beradik tua, acu and mak...I must say that acu looked more cheerful than before

Shuk and Paksu, this time Paksu really could not talk, the last time we visited him, he asked Shuk to take his car..he he

I visited acu and paksu when I was back in Perak for Din's funeral. I must say that Pak Su's condition is worse than before. He could no longer talk and according to Acu, he refused to eat.

During our chat, I was made to know that both Acu and my mother is worry over abang being away for 3 years in Tokyo...he he ...Abang kan antara cucu lelaki tua yang penting. Mak risau kalau ditakdirkan dia meninggal dunia ke waktu abang tak de...risaula dia kan.

Tapi, takdir tuhan tiada siapa yang tahu, Din dan Yong sudah pergi dulu, walaupun mereka terlalu muda jika di bandingkan dengan makcik2 dan pakcik2 yang lain. Oleh itu, let's pray that Allah grant us with good health and dipanjangkan umur, insya allah kita jumpa lagi.

Abang's flight will be on 16 Feb 2010, malam...11.55 kut. I'm not sure of his plan yet but shall inform everyone if I heard anything....


  1. i want to be there. meraka depart from KLIA lah kan?

  2. haa cikbib,
    life's about overcoming problems.
    im glad we have ALLAH to turn to.

  3. yup, they will depart from KLIA. Will you be around? Don't forget, Along's wedding is on 14 Feb