Friday, January 15, 2010


Today, 15 January, is Mek Yah's birthday. Apart from that, I heard that you also got the promotion that you have been waiting for..congratulations! Please do keep on helping me whenever I'm running out of money yer..., the more you give, the more you get..insya allah

I am posting pictures from my latest outing with Mek Yah and the girls (girls day out) to celebrate twin's 12 birthday. As usual, if it is with twin, it will be western food. Do not ask me the name of the food please since I could not recall...


I was hungry and ordered this dinasour look alike with chicken inside

ainaa, she was a little quite that day, I wonder why...bubly girl?

kakak with her diplomatic smile, kih kih kih, awat jerawat tu maintain despite of the fact that SPM is over?...

ainaa's food...


and last but not least, the paymaster, mek yah!! next time we'll go out, I'll pay, don't worry!


  1. ya ALLAH, lawak gila cik bib. jerawat maintain kan, stress nak dapat result kot. hehe, alasan!

  2. btw (by the way), mantap la quality gambar phone cik bib :D

  3. he he, hormone tak stabil tu kak, biasalah. Makan banyak vitamin C

    Btw, you must be buzy playing the caretaker of the house during your mother's absence kan? buat dengan ikhlas, insya allah akan dapat ganjaran yang baik.

  4. iman ckp kakak ni dah lah mata kecik mknn pun nak kecik