Saturday, January 23, 2010

Good Bye Din..

I had a busy day last Thursday. My schedule was full, I had to attend a talk given by Tan Sri the whole morning, lunch meeting, another meeting at 2.30 and another one at 4.00 which was supposed to end around 7.00...huh

I went for my Zuhr prayer at around 2.00. After ablution, I managed to peep at my other hp and realized that there's a new message. After my Zuhr prayer, I managed to open the message and found out that Din, a cousin of mine passed away at the age of 38.

I was still in a confuse situation at that time so I decided to carry on with the 2.30 meeting of which I had to chair. I managed to do some thinking and a few telephone calls after that, and decided to go back to Ipoh that evening, I just got to.

Din and I were very close when we were younger. He's younger than I am and address me as kak. He's married and has 3 kids.

He's a photographer with Utusan Malaysia . He used to be very active in sports and very passionate about his job. The news about him passed away really saddened me and everyone else in the family.

Part of the reason why I think I need to go back was to give Andak (Din's father/my uncle) support. But I guess the situation was different once I reached Andak's house that night where instead of giving support, I was the one who cried. It seems that our aunties and uncles were very calm. Those who cried the most were the younger ones i.e. me and my female cousins....

One of my officer informed me that the news appeared in Utusan Online that very afternoon, but the next day (Friday), the news came out in Utusan Malaysia. Many of Din's friends came and it was clear that he's adored by his friends which I could fully understand why.

You'll be missed by everybody my dear cousin, we love you. Insya allah, semoga rohnya diberkati dan diberi kemaafan, insya allah

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