Thursday, January 14, 2010

Interesting Lunch..

I wanted to write about what has happened this week, but if I were to wait, I might not write at all, so I decided to post this first..

I represented my boss for a lunch meeting at Kelantan Delights this afternoon. At first I thought the lunch was attended only by MIDA officers and also officers of the other organization (working level), but it turned out that management level were also there.

Hmmm, lunch will not as fun then I guess.

We sat down and started our conversation while waiting for the food. Suddenly, one gentleman with a very familiar face came to our table and talked to the 2 Datuks ..hmm, guess what, it was the TV3 CEO. He sat next to our table but no, Misha Omar was not there.

Apparently the food ordered was plenty. All was there, fish, beef, chicken, teloq pun ada, sayoq pun ada, ikan masin pun ada..I wish my friends could come so that they could finish up. Sayang tengok makanan berlebih kan

We finished lunch and the Datuks ordered coffee. Alhamdulillah there was no pencuci mulut since we have no space to spare in our stomach already. Suddenly another familiar face entered the restaurants with one group of people..guess who? It was Chef Wan...

After the salam-salam session, we passed through Chef Wan's table and he smiled and waved to us..I think he does not mind I asked him to take photo with me, he's so friendly. Just to prove that my story here is no lie (especially for Mek Yah to believe)...he he..

He he, we went back after that and after sitting for almost 2 hours, rasa kematu je belakang...he he..

ok guys, back to work..see ya

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