Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Izzat & Athirah

We have visitors last weekend, yup, Izzat & Athirah came.

They spent two nights at our house. The first day (Saturday), we break fast together at home. I cooked ayam kg masak merah and some fried vegetables. We ate the same food for sahur.

The next day, we were invited by Mek Yah to break fast at her house. Sian Mek Yah, she looked a little tired that day. Anyway, we had fun.

We have also discovered that Mek Yah's mango tree is already producing many-many mangoes..we decided to pluck and took back 3 mangoes..hmm..it was yummy. Maybe we can go again and get some more..

Insya allah Ajim is coming this week end. I am also planning to invite Mek Yah's family to come to my house for break fast..is it okay girls? do ask your mother and let cikbib know the answer ..

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