Sunday, August 30, 2009

Early in the morning

Have you ever heard that song? I have heard it somewhere very long ago, it was from a movie, but I could not remember what movie. Since I am now sitting on my bed, facing the windows early in the morning after my suboh prayer, the melody just keep on coming back.

Having to go out of my house early in the morning every day and only to come back when it is almost dark, I just miss being home during the day light. I miss looking at my windows, enjoying the moment sunlight coming through (maklumlah, ada langsir baru kat tingkap tu, he he)

Shuk is beside me, asleep. He purposely turn on the air-condition as to make sure that he can still be asleep comfortably at 9.00 a.m., if not, it will be too hot.

As for me, I could not sleep since I have had my bath. I have to wash my hair. I realized that I have to wash my hair everyday if I were to stay home. The whether is hot and I sweat easily.

hmmm, this post is really for my own's me talking to my self.

Oh..Izzat and Athirah are here, to spend their weekends. They came all the way from Bangi and Serdang. Their visit remind me of my visits to abang's and mek yah's house when I was single. He he. It's nice to have them around. Insya allah Ajim will be coming next week..I better think of the menu again then.

I called Malena last night. I am not sure whether she was already asleep or not, but we managed to change stories. Her SPM trial is next week and I wish you all the best kakak. I did remember to pray for you this morning, but now, I just remember, why didn't I pray for Huda, Faiz, Afiq and Ari as well? I better pray now before I forget...I pray that all of you will perform in your exam, insya allah.

Huh, I plan to cook fish curry for buka puasa today. I hope Izzat do eat curry.

I better stop and try to get some sleep because after this we have a long list of activities planned. Chow!

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