Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Jamal Abdillah

Here I am, at home and feeling bored while hubby is watching Jamal Abdillah's concert on muzik aktif channel...

He adores Jamal...as for me...okaylah jugak, but I simply dislike his rambut palsu..please la Jamal, do something about that hair, I would rather see you bald.

I started working today. The moment I stepped into my room I was informed that I have to attend a meeting in MITI...isk..

The Hari Raya Celebration was held today, so does the closing of Innovation Day. These occasions makes me eat and eat and eat...

I have already received invitation for tomorrow's Hari Raya party and this will continue till Shawal ends..Tolong Allah, janganlah saya makan banyak sangat, tolong, kuatkanlah Iman saya.

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