Thursday, September 3, 2009


Ada banyak lipas la dalam bilik sekarang ni..if I'm not mistaken Izham (one of my officer) has already carried out the usual maintenance exercise to make sure all lipas are gone, but somehow all the very small lipas are still around, erghhh

I woke up late for sahur today, 5.34. he he. Kalu ada budak kecik yang puasa, sian budak-budak tak sempat sahur. Anyway, I only have one budak yang tak berapa budak dah, so, I went straigt and woke him up, no more pujuk-pujuk, Bangun!!!

He only wanted some drink so I made milo panas. I still manage to eat some cold nasi, he he...well, biasa lah tu kan, mesti ada termiss sekali sekala.

I managed to reach office early today, before 7.45. Managed to take a nap lagi..bahagia! and was able to jot down this rojak post...

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