Friday, July 24, 2009

Freak Out!

Yupp! That's what I did yesterday, why? Because of the news that Yasmin Ahmad collapsed because of stroke.

Yasmin is not overweight and she's an active person but still...she had stroke due to bleeding in the brain, her blood pressure must be high at that particular time then.

The exact same thing happenned to Abang Aziz (Ika's father) and he did not survive long after that. But then, one of my friend's mother had survived and is still alive and living fully after more than 7 years she had her first stroke (Yasmin had her first stroke 4 years ago).

I am not going to write about stroke here (you can find the defination in wikipedia yourself) but I pray that I really do not have to suffer stroke in future (please). I know that I am overweight and I really am a big eater (big appetite)and I remember my father had hipertension..and I may inherit that from him, and I really look like my father, my mother said I walk just like my father, abang said I move just like my father... and I am afraid to see the doctor just like my father and my husband is not helping at all since he is so scared of doctors himself and...I am damned scared man! I freaked out...

I am almost 40, I have learned to love life nowadays, I have many plans which can only be achieved later in life (sekarang tak cukup duit lagi). I just have to take care of my self more..consume less, but burn up more..please god, give me strength


  1. ishk, ishk, jangan risau nanti stress pulak.
    about yasmin tu, is the correct pronoun a "he" or a "she" ???

  2. yup...I heard that she used to be a 'he'...but I do not sure whether it's true or not. I was praying that she would survive and given a second chance, but then, Allah knows best, she passed away last Sunday

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  4. hehe..kita ada lagi 4 sem nak abis..kat U kita dah ade sorang suspected H1n !..tapi USIM setakat ni blom tutup lagi...
    jumpa raya nanti!!