Monday, July 6, 2009

congratulation abang Hab

I received a call from Kak Lina on 18 June 2009(thursday night) where she invited Shuk and I for a kenduri kesyukuran. I did ask her the kesyukuran is for what..she did not answer, she said ' I'll tell you later'.

We were not informed on the 'aturcara majlis' earlier and simply do our own planning. We planned to perform our Maghrib prayer at Bukit Beruntung R&R therefore we started off from Shah Alam at around 7.00, solat kat Bukit Beruntung and went straight to Sg Buaya.

We arrived at Sg. Buaya at around 8 only to find out that the Imam was already about to finalize his doa'..ada baca yassin and tahlil rupanya. If we have known, we should have came earlier.

Anyway, Mek Yah's family (plus Along) and of course Kak Ina's family..her kakaks, abangs and everybody were around. We ate until we cannot ate anymore and sembang-sembang. We were actually waiting for Kak Cik yang tak sampai-sampai.

Mek Yah went home at around 9.00. while I decided to wait for Kak Cik. Bukan senang nak jumpa adik beradik ni, so I guess since I was already there, why not wait.

Kak Cik arrived at about 10.00 but it I think it was really worthwhile to wait. The whole family except for Amal & Amir were around. Since most guests have already left, Kak Ina & Abang Hab could afford a break and we spent some time sembang2 and had some nescafe tarik.

We went back to Shah Alam at almost twelve...and, I was right, the kenduri was for abang hab's long awaited promotion..he he...congratulation lah Leftenan Kolenal Abdul Wahab!

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