Thursday, July 2, 2009


I have moved to my new division, 100%. And how do I feel? *?*$!%

The last few days was very tiring. I became the shredder machine, tearing all those papers with confidential info. Thank god it's over. I am determined to be more organize and do spring cleaning more often in future.

I actually have started to sort out my things last Friday. I did not really do anything on Monday because of the afternoon meeting. I managed to get 98% ready by yesterday and yes today, I am already in the Corporate Division.

How do I feel? It remind me of the time when Emak & Abang left me at MRSM Terendak in 1983. I was lost..alone.

Actually the feeling started when Zul & Shahril sent my things to my new room and said goodbye...he he...believe it or not I started crying (but they did not see lah)...goodness.

After that I cried again in the toilet...I sure hope this will be over soon.

I just heard from Zai that I will not be attending the WGFDIS meeting in Melaka on the 14th July...though I understand why, I still wish that I could go..he he..because I have been excited about it since last April...tapi takpe,as Shuk said, Melaka dekat je, nanti kita gi sindri..tq beb

wokay..that's for today. Itulah padahnya when you are stationed at one place for too long..I hope this is a start for me, maybe I could go somewhere else from here, Insya allah

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