Monday, April 17, 2017

Potret Saya, Wajah Siapa


It's Monday today and I am determined to do another post.

Last Thursday (13 April), when I was about to go back home, I was stopped by an acquaintance and she gave me a plastic bag with something wrapped inside. She told me to open it only when I reached home.

Once we were home, we opened the the gift and tadaaaa.....

Ha ha ha, sepatutnya gambar ini adalah gambar saya, tapi tidak serupa kan? Bukan senang sebenarnya nak melukis portrait gambar manusia ni, satu perkara yang jelas saya lihat adalah air muka. Gambar ini menggambarkan seorang wanita manis, baik hati dan lemah lembut...hiks...macam tidak melambangkan saya...

And this morning, I called my acquaintance to thank her. I must say that I am touched and appreciate her effort no matter how the outcome is. She was telling me that she has actually kept the portrait for quite sometime since she wasn't sure when to give it to me. It was supposed to be a present for my birthday, however I was not around on that day because I was not well and was on MC.

Melihat kenalan saya ni teruja menceritakan siapa yang melukis gambar ini dan bagaimana dia membeli frame dan bagaimana dia menyatakan "cantikkan puan, saya suka tengok gambar ini", telah membuat saya cair. 

Thank you A. Actually I have been telling her that all I want from her is her prayer, but I do appreciate the gift very much. I pray that she will have a blessed life, insyaa allah.

By the way, I do think that the title that I have for this post is the most interesting, what do you think?

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