Sunday, April 16, 2017

Random, 24 March - 12 April


Hari ini hari Ahad, 16 April 2017, jam 9.25 pagi. Kami masih lepak di rumah, walaupun terkesan sungguh apabila melihat Datuk Siti dan keluarganya dalam kegelapan pagi telah mula mengayuh basikal di instagram. 

Datuk Siti juga pernah meletakkan caption "sihat adalah pilihan". Yup..she is right. However, I just had my massage yesterday for my back and I am still recovering. I was advised to get more rest (I am not simply giving reason).

And you know what? I have an instagram account now, but I have not posted anything yet, ha ha ha.  I follow Lara Alana and Aisyah ig, and of course my anak-anak sedara's. 

Saya ikut juga kisah-kisah artis yang baru kahwin, dan asyik meletakkan kata-kata cinta mereka kepada pasangan masing-masing, Kagum dengan kegigihan mereka meletakkan kata-kata cinta setiap hari, moga mereka boleh istiqamah, dan cinta itu juga akan berpanjangan, aamiin.

I would also like to have a few things documented here :

i) Johan Nawawi, husband to Nora, passed away on March 24, Friday. I received the news when I was having my networking session in Labuan and even though I am not related in any way to them,  I was saddened by Johan's death (ye lah, Michael Jackson meninggal pun I sedih kan). Alfatihah

ii) ND dengan Nedim sudah kahwin...

iii) Kakak Lofa dengan pelakon tu pun kahwin

Hah, I could not get away of these 3 stories since it was all over IG. 

Selain daripada itu kehidupan diteruskan. I have also found out that my peers at the office are having a strong influence on me and I am prone on doing what they suggested me to do (alagasan), such as :

i)  Bought this huge ironing machine

Ha ha ha, actually this happened in February, when I was lying down with my back ache and my colleagues were discussing about buying this very effective and efficient set of iron and ironing board. Frankly, I have never thought of buying these since it is just a little too luxury for me and I simply hate doing ironing.

Tapi itu lah, akibat daripada peer pressure (alagasan), I decided to join the others and buy. However, I found out later that the other two did not buy...biar betul.

But I would say that it is not a bad decision to buy the ironing set since it simply ease and speed up my ironing job every morning, alhamdulillah. 

ii) These accessories

I saw one of my colleague wearing this shiny watch and I asked her where did she get it. She answered me by saying that, somebody will come to sell the watch later and you are welcome to buy. And I bought the watch, and those two swarovski stuff. Hmmmm...mengikut hawa nafsu sungguh.

iii) We had  movie night (26 March 2017)

After 2 years in KK, we finally stepped into one of the cinema and watched Beauty and the Beast. Ha ha ha. But I enjoyed it all the way. Of course we know the story line, but the way Disney presented it was just perfect.

And as the photo above, it was taken at the 2nd anniversary celebration for Imago, the shopping center which was opened on 27 March 2015, especially to welcome us to KK (we went to KK on 1 April 2015). For us Imago plays a very important part in our life. It's where we lepak most of the time.

What else? Oh, we discover another makan place at Imago. It's Hailam Kopitiam and it has existed there for quite sometimes but we never had any meal there. However, we have tried once and I think we will be going there more often after this since we are tired of going to Secret Recipe. Let's share the second meal we had there :

We had mihun goreng siam and vegetarian popia. Nice

As for our daily breakfast, hubby has finally agreed to try nasi lemak at the cafeteria recently and approved on the taste. I do not have the photo here but the nasi lemak served at the cafeteria tasted nice and not as sweet and he assumed it to be. Hubby has this habit of assuming that the food serve in KK do not fulfill his requirement and once he got something which he thinks is okay with his taste, he will stick to it until I got totally bored. Once, he's only choice in the cafeteria was nasi kerabu, but thank god we can east nasi lemak now...

I hardly done any cooking nowadays but recently I prepared ayam masak merah. We finally managed to go to this mini market owned by this company DESA (the same company who owns the famous Desa Cattle in Kundasang) and buy chicken. 

This is the view of my plate, and eh, hubby has broken one plate with this pattern recently. Actually this set of plate was given by my mother and I tried to google and find out if I could buy a replace for the pieces that were broken, unfortunately, I could not find one.

The next day, I prepared some nasi goreng, and we bring food to the office. However, hubby was more excited to eat the bubur kacang .

Hmmm....I would say that this is a random post of what has been happening from the third week of 24 March till 12 April 2017.

Happy weekend all!

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