Thursday, October 15, 2015

Alhamdulillah : M Has Left


Haaa, M has left at around 12.15 this afternoon and I must say that I am so relief. I cannot continue doing my work though, so, let's take a break.

This morning, for the first time after more than 6 months in KK, I went to work very early, before 6.45 am. We reached office by 7.00 o'clock, get something for breakfast, and by 7.30, I was already heading to Sutera Magellan Hotel to fetch M.

And you know what, since M requested some briefing from my Agency, I was asked to sit with him on our 5 minutes drive from the hotel to the office of another M of the state.

But Alhamdulillah, everything went well!

And now, I have to change my momentum a little bit. Preparing for M has increased my momentum a little and I have become a little bit "hyper". My mind is too active.

Okay lah guys, better get back to some office work now. I shall update later ya...

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