Wednesday, October 14, 2015

14 dan 15 Oktober 2015 : M Datang Lagi


Selamat tahun baru Hijrah. Semoga kita semua akan menjadi lebih baik pada tahun ini, dan menjadi lebih-lebih baik juga pada tahun-tahun berikutnya.

Sekarang ini, sudah jam 6.48 pagi di Sabah, pada hari cuti maal hijrah, dan saya sudah complete satu pusingan menelaah fasal industri di Sabah ni. Kenapa saya rajin sangat? Haaa...kerana boss busat (M e n t e r i) nak mai petang ni. 

Petang ni, kami kena jumpa sekali dengan M sebab ada macam pre-council untuk update dia on tomorrow's programme. Early tomorrow, at 8.30 am, I will be joining him for a meeting with State's Agencies. Later in the morning, after the meeting, he himself will give a talk on T P P A. 

I am suppose to organise a  "Networking Dinner and Dialogue" tonight but it was cancelled last minute. Hmmm, I wasn't sure whether it's frustration or relief feeling I have when I was informed about the cancellation because I would say that almost 80% work for the event was done, and we were left with only 20% of the work. Hmmm...there must be a reason why it happened that way and my colleagues and I were busy yesterday to undo whatever we have done earlier. We have to inform the invitees about the cancellations, we have to make calls as well as fax/email the cancellation.

But if the "Networking Dinner and Dialogue" really happened today, I don't think I would be able to write this post today/now. My stress level must be at the maximum. And Habih la Tokbomo kene kerah berdoa/solat hajat untuk saya....ha ha ha ha ha. Dia pun mesti share saya punya rasa stress and even though he may look calm, I wonder down inside he is as hura hara as I am.

But yeah, since the "Networking Dinner and Dialogue" was cancelled, I could focus more on preparing myself for the meeting tomorrow, and also the pre-council meeting today. Pray that I could perform guys.

To get myself excited, I keep thinking about spending my weekend happily and stress free after the event. I am going to eat, I am going to sleep, I am going to watch movies/tvs, I am to shop and I am going to have a good conversations with friends/relatives. Huh..can't wait. to do some house chores, have my bath and later sambung lagi menelaah fasal industri di Sabah.....doa kan saya okay okay aja ye...

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