Friday, August 28, 2009

Oration Competition

I am so relieved today. What a great feeling.

For your information, we (the organization which I'm working with now) are now in the midst of our Innovation Month (replacing Quality Month) and one of the activity is Oration Competition. My task was to handle this competition which was held today..just now.

To started of, the rain was pouring everywhere around KL valley early in the morning and due to the heavy rain, many of officers arrived late and that includes the officers who are incharge of handling the competition with me.

The butterflies in my stomach rumbled, the backdrop program is with these two officers who are both late. I started to raise my voice!

I am not sure how it happened but somehow things just turned out fine. Though very late the boys managed to have the backdrop ready on time (luckily we have had rehearsal the day before).

Since it was mentioned that attendees will get free credit hour, many turned out and the hall was almost full. And there we go..the competition started and ended smoothly...alhamdulillah.

I did pray last night for this occassion to go on smoothly and for that, Thank you Allah!

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