Monday, April 6, 2009

Atikah is now a wirawati

I have taken some pictures on the day I sent Ika to PLKN. Photos were taken at Shah Alam's stadium.

Ika was okay, cool. She did not shed a tear..only I did.. he he..I was just imagining if Yong was there.. I think she would be very worried.

Mek Yah and I went to visit Ika on 28 March. We were so hungry but we did not prepare anything. Fortunately, one of Ika's friend's parents invited us to join them for lunch and we (muka tak malu), simply hantam saja...lega...alhamdulillah.

I called Ika yesterday and she was on duty (she was the receptionist). She asked me to buy for her a few things..maybe I shall drop by on my way back from Chemor next week.


  1. go ika.....ika tu form 5 ke..x tau lak...hehehe....cikbib...kalo ade mase komen saya nyer blog tau..tapi saya harini balik asrama....sedih la..

  2. anas, cikbib has visited your blog, he he, but there's only your profile there...get to know Anas. I did not know that you like rock music. Hmm, start writing, I will be following your blog after this.

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