Friday, April 10, 2009


This was actually written earlier, but I guess rather than to delete and waste, maybe it is best to post it anyway...eventhough it may not be so timely (statistically speaking)


I am at the office, but since I'm feeling a little bit sleepy, I decided to write something..but what thing...hmmmm

It's Friday and if not tonight, I'll be going back to Chemor tomorrow. It's my monthly visit, to give opah some money, to do some marketing and...maybe to take opah out.

We will have to stop by at Kuala Kubu to visit Atikah on Sunday, this time I'll make sure I have some food with me..he he..sian Ika,Cikbib bawa perut sendiri aja. I have also bought the things Ika asked me to buy, some special soap (for her skin), lip gloss (hooo) and.. that's all actually but I decided to buy for her Johnson & Johnson perfume.

I am driving nowadays so I am less stressed (but more money to spend). I have this book which I kept for the purpose of recording my daily meal intake (my slimming journal)..but lately the book is used to culcalate my income and expenditure, as to make sure I have enough for my daily life and also my LOAN!!

Recently, after coming back from Singapore, I told my husband that I feel a little tired and is a little bit lazy to work, and Shuk has simply warned me that I better work hard again because the total amount of loan that I have to pay is $450,000.00, and that is almost half a million. Tulonnnn!!


  1. tunggu la i kawen ngan billionaire cikbib.
    eh, millionaire pun jadi lah.

  2. Hello Kakak..where's your Oh Malena? Sudah tukar nama ka?...

    Fasal billionaire tuh..don't worry..duit banyak manapun tak cukup..yang penting, berkat..tapi kalu banyak dan berkat lagih best kan???..he he he..tomak sungguh

    macam belajar juga, belajar walaupun sikit, akan jadi effective kalau berkat...