Wednesday, August 9, 2017

My Support System


Haih..I really want to write something here, but maybe I just have lost my touch. Those days when I can spend 10 minutes to write a short sweet post had passed and may never come again.

Anyway, I really want to write, so I just bulldoze, just start something and hopefully while I am doing the introduction, some idea will come to my mind...

Last night, I came across an interesting article in facebook which was posted by my old friend. 

It is about a guy married to a woman who is passionate about cooking. As a result of that, he gained weight. He could not control his appetite especially when his wife cooks. 

In his effort to loose weight, he went to see a doctor and the doctor happened to be his old friend from school days (a lady). The doctor has been very supportive and advice him on how to loose weight. 

Since the lady doctor is not married, and very kind, and is lonely (according to the guy), the guy would want to make her his second wife.

Ha ha will surely laugh if you are to read the comments made by viewers. Most viewers feel that the guy is making up reason to marry another woman. 

I am not supporting this man's idea on getting another wife, but being an overweight person myself, I do feel that support system, be it family or friend or the surrounding, is important to help one to loose weight.

For example, many of my friends  have lost weight while they were working overseas simply because :

i) There's less choice of food to eat. It is hard to fine halal food and maybe the food just do not match your truly Malaysian taste. Due to these, they eat less, and loose weight;

ii) They do not own a car and therefore they have to rely on public transport and walk around a lot and burned more calories. In Malaysia, they drive and park right in front of the building they want to go, less walk, less calories burned.

I would call the surrounding as the support system for my friend's weight loss. They may gain back their weight once they are back in Malaysia, but I am not going to elaborate on that.

It goes the same to the group of people that you live with, be it your family or close friends. I remember when I was younger and wanted to skip dinner this one day and my mother was like "tak kan tak makan kut?".

Hah, that was the first time that I wanted to skip dinner and my mother was already worried. I realised that even though she was worried watching me grow, she was also not happy if I were not with her at the dining table. 

There were also this period of time when my mother just love to have supper in the middle of the night and it just happened during the time when I have to stay home after my SPM. My mother will prepare food like bihun sup/maggi etc and we will eat together while watching tv.  

Of course I gained weight at that time but of course I could not blame my mother...but still, that was the surrounding, the support system, be it your family or friends.

Once you gained weight, getting rid of it is almost impossible. I salute those people who managed to control their diet, exercise and regain their ideal weight. I know it is extremely hard.

I am now in Sabah where most of the food served in restaurants do not really fit my taste. I am also with a husband who have got some control on whatever we consumed. These are my support system now, which make it a little bit easier for me.

However, I am not sure what will happen once I am back in Semenanjung...I don't want to think about it now lahhhh. 

Okay..see you guys in my next post..insyaa allah

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