Monday, May 11, 2009


Ainaa's & Imaan's blogs really cheer up my morning, it's really funny. Tukar Tiub was even funnier, please read on Isham's BM lesson, the one posted on Friday was equally funny.

It's Monday, and I really pray that the week will go on smoothly with the absent of my immediate boss(with me being the substitute boss, it's freaky)

I went back to my hometown on Saturday and I must say it was a nice one. Izzat was there and kakak came in the evening. Since kakak has brought enough food (pizza & mee rebus), we simply lazed around the dining table the whole evening. Maybe due to the heat, everybody loved my teh-o(ahmad tea-earl)

At around 10.p.m. we went up and continue watching tv, cerekarama. I managed to stay till the end of the story, I guess it must be a good one then..interesting enough to keep my eyes open.

The next morning, after subuh, everybody helped opah to clean the compound. Maybe due to the dry season, the amount of dried leaves were plenty and no wonder opah requested us to help. Anyway, it was fun, good exercise and the amount of time spent was less since 5 of us worked simultaneously.

After the cleaning session, we had breakfast and once again we assembled at the dining table. My earlier plan was to go back as early as possible, but we only managed to leave the house around 11...we will have to go back to Shuk's kg one 31 May..his anak menakan nak bertunang...

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