Friday, May 8, 2009

On my way to office this morning...

On my way to office this morning, I cried 3 times..uwaaaa..why? Apparently the topic discussed in all radio channels were on your mother (emak saya).

The first song I heard today was Ibu from P.Ramlee and I must confessed, this morning the song sounded soo menusuk jiwa. After that there were calls, each caller will have different stories and the sad ones really made me cry.

I have to admit that I am not actually a good daughter myself. I am stubborn and till now I will always say my prayer whenever I am about to visit my mother. I will pray that each visit is without any small fight/disagreement.'s not easy I tell you..but, even though I'm stubborn, I still remember clearly when I will make sure that I apologise after my Maghrib prayer whenever I think I had done something wrong (waktu kecik-kecik la). I was so scared that mak would marked me as 'anak durhaka'...tak cium bau sorga beb...

I seldom ask for mak advice and never ask for money also (he he he), especially nowadays, but I had always ask her to pray for me, when I am about to make presentation, I will ask her to pray that I could make a good presentation, if I'm demam, I will call mak to pray for my recovery, I asked mak to pray that I could afford to buy a house on the tanah (I'm living in an apartment now, after that please pray that I will have enough money to renovate the house, please pray for....everything.

But I wonder whether mak did pray for my jodoh...if she did, it really took a long time for that prayer to be granted, he he.

Well, being the youngest and the one caused the most problems, I try to spend more time with mak nowadays. I just do not want to be like one of the caller this morning (a guy), where he regretted the fact that he did not have the time to really take care of the mother when she was haunts him.

Semoga mak dipanjangkan umur, dimurahkan rezeki dan diberikan kesihatan yang baik, insya allah. Happy mother's day

Untuk semua kakak-kakak saya...and kakak2 ipar saya..happy mother's day to all of you.

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  1. cik bib
    this entry touched my heart.