Monday, May 18, 2009

Big Spender

Last Saturday (16 May 2009), I went shopping and goodness, I did spend a lot.

We went out at around 11 a.m. The first location was the PKNS complex. We wanted to visit the pusat zakat to clarify on this one problem which we are not sure about. Unfortunately the office closed (only open on 1st and 3rd week of the month), so, we just have to go another time.

After that we stopped at this one electric shop, to find replacement for our washing machine 'penangkap habuk'. They do not have it readily available, so, we have to make on order and come back next week.

Since we decided to buy ADIDAS shoes to replace our old jogging shoes, we stopped at one shop (still in PKNS complex). Instead of two pairs, Shuk has kindly decided not to buy but instead will wear my old one, and therefore, we managed to save a few hundreds.

We walked to Alam Sentral after that and went looking to this one shop that sell BIODEX product. We found out about it in the internet. Almost one hour was spent there listening to the instructions and almost RM700 was spent. Phuhh...Please do pray that this will work, I must admit that I'm afraid, but I still hope that I can conceive.

We could not go back to PKNS after that since it was raining. We decided to stop and and had some drink outside Alam Sentral. While having drinks, we saw these two children (dkk, beggars) were having nasi ayam. Shuk made this remark where 'peminta sedekah pun boleh makan nasi ayam'. I kept quite because they are still very small and I know they must be supervised by some other people (sindiket). After that I remember seeing the girl wanted a big portion of her food to be wrapped, I just thought that her body is so small, she must be a small eater.

Once the rain stopped, we continued our walk to PKNS complex where the car was parked. Again we spotted the presence of the two beggars playing outside the HOTEL..(is it BLUE WAVE?)..nama aja orang Shah Alam...but this time there's another boy, and he is blind. The little girl who wrapped her food just now was giving her food to the blind boy and I was soo touched. Rich, poor, beggar or not, they are as human and they love and take care of each other.

The next place was Section 18 this. We went to the bank first to pay our car installment and after that we want to buy new handphone. Being a paranoid person, I really have had it with my not so old handphone (Nokia E66) . The battery can only last for approximately 12 hours. What if I were to go outstation?

With my understanding husband (kih kih kih), we went to this one shop at Ole Ole. Eventhough my earlier plan was to buy a very basic handset, somehow the one I bought was a 'TOUCHED SCREEN'. Shuk will use my E66. Fortunately the adik had advised us to use a much powerful battery and alhamdulillah, my E66 batterry this time did last for 2 days.

We reached Baiduri at almost 4 pm, rushed for our zuhur prayer, had bath, solat asar and went to Subang Permai. Ada house warming.

Since both of us are so lapar, we just ate! Orang lain I tengok makan sikit aja, tapi I dengan Shuk...huh. Shuk siap tambah lagi nasi.

There were soo many type of food, nasi tomato, nasi lemak, laksa, roti jala, bubur jagung, kuih yang banyak and sedap (they ordered from Chili Merah apparently, no wonder sodap) and the most important thing our empty stomach.

Huh, we went back full and half sleepy. Malamnya nak tengok AF...

At night, AF ntah ke mana, Shuk and i ntah ke mana...kami ZZZZZZZZZ....We only woke up around 11, managed to watch Hafiz won our dream car (huwaaa)...we had some drinks and biscuits (got hungry again)...solat Isyak and managed to watch tv for a while and hit the bed again....but it was fun


  1. it sounds really fun.
    compared to what im going thru these days.

    i wish tan boon heong's beside me.

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  3. haha cik bib..
    seems ur life are
    more meaningful since u were married..hehe...