Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Can I Write?

My last post was done in BM because I was not confident that I can go far writing in English. Funny enough, I discovered that my post in BM was not as good either..he he...maybe I should just stop dreaming on becoming a famous writer...he he he

Remember those days when you were asked to list out what your ambitions were?...I remember having 'penulis' in my list...kih kih kih....but now, I am dreaming of having my own sitcom series, titled 'Cikbib and Co.'...tak abih-abih bermimpi....starring Mat Misai..

Anyway, I am a pieces girl, and one significant characteristic of a pieces girl is, a 'dreamer'.

Being a dreamer, I have no problem of being left alone. My mind could just travel the world. I could do that during meetings too...(ciri-ciri boss mithali)..yup, I have another problem, I could not focus and more than often, I was caught alive....just now...uwaaaa...

Why am I writing about being a dreamer under the title 'can I write'...hmm, I must be a very unstable person..yup..it is now already 10 pm and I haven't had my bath..I brought along one file which I plan to browse through before going to bed..if I still have the energy..yup, energy from the instant noodle I had for dinner...good nite guys.....

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