Thursday, March 11, 2010

After 4 Years Together..

It's my wedding anniversary today..yes, the 4th year. How do I feel after spending 4 years with hubby?...he he, okay la juga...not bad

We had no time to really develop this love feeling before we got married. It all started like a dream. It took less than 6 months from the day the proposal was made to the day we got married....that was the easy part anyway, moments after that instead, I must say, was rather challenging.

But then, it was not that hard either. Yes, we did experience some bad times but I must say that things are getting better each day. We just learn to understand each other and we are still learning.

I remember those days when we were in our 'war zone' and decided not to talk to each other. This may last for almost 1 week, depending on whether the wife decided to start the peace talk or not. As for the, he will not initiate any peace, once I decided to call him mr no action...huh, geram betul waktu tu...

I realised now that we have less 'war zone'...alhamdulillah.

I hope we will lead a better life after this, insya allah.


For my beloved nieces and nephews..congratulations for your SPM results. This is only a start for a bigger challenge later in life. You have just opened one door, but there will be many doors for you to open later. Good luck.

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