Sunday, December 20, 2009

Sekuntuk Bunga Mawar di Taman Opah

He He He..cantik tak bunga kat atas tu? striking kan warna dia...

I went back to Perak last Saturday to attend a wedding (Shuk's side). As usual, Shuk's sibling will create activities to fill up the time, and therefore, the whole ceremony ended only before 8.p.m. Luckily Shuk and I could stop by at Opah's house and spent the night there. In fact I was so ready to retire for the day after I had my bath. Anyway, my abang misai would still want some hot nescafe so I prepared some. I ended up eating my mom's bread and biscuits stock. Hmmm, dekat kg semuanya sedap kan.

The next day we woke up early and as usual Shuk went to his favorite coffee shop to have his breakfast and read the newspaper. He spent almost two hours there but finally came back with nasi lemak for mak and I.

We went back after having lunch. We reached home at around 4 p.m. and start to rest. We will start our holiday on Wednesday but before that we have loads of work to complete. Please Allah, please let us finish our work on time so that we can have a jolly good time in JB..

Ehh, fasal bunga kat atas tu, lupa la plak, taken from my bedroom in Chemor..Opah's garden, Opah must be very proud of it..

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