Thursday, June 4, 2009

I'm back

Yup, after a long break, I'm back working!! Mencari rezeki yang halal.

The holiday was fun (but the whether was extremely hot). I went back to Chemor on Friday night, spent my night there and started off to Ijok the next day.

We went for this 'meminang' ceremony on Sunday. The house is located at Kg Sirih Bukit Mertajam. The best part was of course during 'makan-makan'. They served mee rebus, karipap, agar2 milo & agar2 jagung. All were delicious. If only my tommy could spare a little bit more space...he he, I'd surely tambah sikit mee rebus tu. (alhamdulillah perut tak besar sangat, if not, I may have to undergo that perut punye bypass, like shanie, sekarang ni pun tgh dok pikir2)

On Monday, Shuk & I went to Alor Setar to visit our friend. Anas is having cancer. I pray for his recovery, insya allah.

On our back from Alor Setar, we stopped at Sungai Petani (umah abang). Best giler jumpa semua orang, but then abang was not around, he was on his way back from Sarawak. We bathed and had dinner. Ifwat did ask us to spend the night there, but since we have other arrangements, maybe next time. Kak Nak served mihun tomyam (sodap) and the girls prepared cucur ikan bilis...and ayaq teh panas. Hmmm semuanya sedap. We left SP at around 9.30 and reached Chemor at 12.00. We went straight to bed.

The next day, we went to visit Acu & Paksu and Uda & Mak Uda. They live next to each other now, which makes it easier for us to visit. Paksu looks more cheerful and I think the condition of the house is much better, no ayam and no kucing..he he

We went back to Shah Alam after that and rest. When I think back, why didn't I take any pictures (a picture speaks a thousand words - Imaan said this)...maybe next time


  1. alah acik bib ni lama dah tak comment i ........

  2. macam mana nak comment, you tak buat topic baru pun...

  3. hye acik bib , i think you dont want too comment my lagi kot sebab saya dah lama tak comment acik. sorryla tau acik , yeh alway's smile

  4. acik , acik dah tau ke kakak punya blog . kalau tak tau ini e-mailnya

  5. hye.acik.bib.papa.was the one took the.picture. nice, ha ha ha ha

  6. thank you for treating us for dinner last two night. we really appreciate it.