Monday, April 19, 2010

Can I make it through?

I am now sitting in my living room, on a sunny Monday morning. I'm on leave today. Yeah, I desperately need a break.

My boss was on a long MC last month and left me with all the responsibilities. I felt as if I was brought into the middle of sea and was left alone to swim to the shore. There was a time that I think it was so unfair but fortunately I was not given time to think. Too much work and too little time limit my mind to wonder... I just go on and on and I must admit that there were times that I feel my head felt so heavy and I just wish out...yeah, I just want a break..

I know I must not prolong it for it will could damage my health..I could get hypertension (god forbids)...I could get heart attack...I'm serious. I must learn to take things easy and learn to control stress...I must love myself more.

But come to think of it, I think I wouldn't mind doing loads of jobs. I do not really mind to stay back and finish up my work everyday...but I think what's missing is motivation....I must find ways to motivate myself and also my officers, and please god, help me....


  1. CikBib BOLEH! go cikbib go! seperti anak2 ida selalu laung2kan 'BE GOOD,BE BETTER BE THE BEST!' & bila ida ucapkan 'ANAK-ANAK....' mereka akan sambung dengan perkataan 'CEMERLANG!'... Ida yakin cikbib pasti boleh.. jgn tensen2 k...

  2. hebat anak-anak you ida...motivated betul. anyway, things are better now with the new boss around. I am so relieved!..terima kasih juga atas kata-kata semangat you, itu doa juga kan? Insya allah, I akan jadi lebih kuat lepas ni, dan jadi lebih baik...